Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances – Fast Advance Funding

Velocity Funding Group can help your business achieve its financing goals through merchant cash advances and merchant business funding. As one of the top merchant cash advance companies in the nation, you can receive fast advances in a matter of days — not months, like other traditional lenders will offer.

When we provide your company with merchant advance funding, we strive to make sure everything is completed in a timely fashion. This way, you receive your funds and make your changes as soon as you need them. We’ve provided the best merchant cash advances to more than 10,000 different clients, which means more than 10,000 companies in their own unique verticals have been improved with the help of our services.

Any business that wants to improve, that may not have the funds readily available at the moment, should know all about how merchant cash advances work and how to apply. Those businesses should also know that Velocity Funding Group is the most reliable place to get instant approval and receive funding quicker than any other traditional lender. Our brokers are ready to take your requests, so don’t hesitate to apply and find out how much you could be putting toward upgrading your company!

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MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) from VGUSA

Getting set up for an MCA (merchant cash advance) with Velocity Funding Group is incredibly easy! Our website allows you to apply for a merchant advance in just minutes by filling out a few things about yourself and your business. This includes the industry that you are in, how long you’ve been in business, and how much cash advance funding you are seeking through us.

Once you have your MCA advance application sent over to us, our MCA brokers will review your application, determine if you are a good fit for merchant advance funding and how much you are eligible for. There’s no waiting around and wondering with us, as we will let you know about the status of your business’ merchant cash advance status as quickly as we can. Then you could receive your merchant cash advance in as little as 24-48 hours — talk about a fast advance!

Going through Velocity Funding Group ensures that you are partnered with the best merchant cash advantage company for your vertical. That could be construction, auto repairs, the restaurant business, or any other of the hundreds of highly-competitive industries that we offer our MCA advances to. Don’t hesitate to utilize this tool. With how speedy and straightforward getting financing for your business is, it would be a mistake not to receive funding through us!

Fast Advance Funding Available For You

When going through traditional lending institutions, you often have to wait around for weeks — or possibly even months — before receiving your funding. In competitive industries where changes need to happen quickly to keep up, waiting this long to obtain financing is an inconvenience and can significantly hinder what you are trying to do as a company.

The difference between these traditional lenders and the merchant cash advance brokers at Velocity Funding Group is that we offer fast advance funding for your business. We understand that you need merchant advances now, so we set out to make sure you receive quick business finances when you need them. It’s part of what makes us the best merchant cash advance company available. We are client-centric and committed to making sure you can make the most of your funding.

If you need merchant advances now and can’t wait around for other institutions to coast through their processes, then apply for a fast merchant cash advance through Velocity Funding Group. The possibilities of what you could do with a fast merchant cash advance are endless, and they will put you out ahead of your competition by letting you make the adjustments you need for your business right away.

MCA Funding For Your Company

Whether you are a franchise looking to expand to another location or a small business trying to add more inventory or payroll, a merchant cash advance could come in handy for business owners in hundreds of different verticals. Companies use their MCA funding for a wide variety of reasons to help better themselves. If you are a business owner looking for extra funds to help grow your brand, MCA servicing is something that we highly recommend looking into.

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you work in, as we can give your business merchant cash advances for hundreds of the most competitive verticals on the market today! If you’re unsure, you can browse through all of the industries we serve and inquire about the others that are not currently listed; chances are your company is eligible! We want to offer opportunities to working people in any line of work, which is why we accept such a diverse range of companies as clients seeking merchant cash advances.

We can provide merchant cash advances to companies who are seeking out new ways to improve their spending and operations. Best yet, we allow you to do this without having to deal with the runaround of long waiting periods and jumping through hoops in the application and approval processes that you get with traditional lenders. If you feel that you could use cash advance funding for your business, apply online today.

Why We Are a Top Merchant Cash Advance Company

Taking advantage of merchant business funding with Velocity Funding Group means getting a sizable amount of the financing for your company’s spending when you need it. When you turn to us for merchant advances, you are upgrading your ability to better your company and getting a substantial amount of cash to do so — anywhere from $5,000 up to $1.5 million!

While we’ve mentioned it before, we can’t stress enough how our broad range of clients from all different verticals that we approve makes it all the more likely that you can be approved for merchant cash funding. Our team has had collective experience with all types of industries and has built an understanding of what your company needs in order to thrive and excel in the most competitive markets. That means we understand what you need merchant cash advances for, and can give you precisely what you need to excel.

There aren’t many other merchant cash advance providers out there who will give you the benefits that we can offer, and especially not in the amount of time that we offer them in. If you ever have any questions about how your company can further benefit from merchant cash advantages, our team will be on hand to walk you through anything you need to know and provide solutions to issues you might be experiencing.


What do I need to qualify for a merchant cash advance?
Our typical qualifications for merchant cash funding include having been in business for over a year and the ability to show 3-6 months’ worth of bank statements. While this may make acquiring MCAs difficult for newer startups, please understand that merchant cash advance companies aren’t meant to provide funding for starting a company, but rather growing and building companies and helping them exceed within their verticals.

You should also be aware that our MCA servicing is typically for businesses seeking anywhere between $5,000 – $1.5 million. If you meet these requirements, you could be eligible for quick business finances from Velocity Funding Group, which will help you begin to improve your company. Any business who feels they are qualified and could benefit from alternative funding should apply to get a merchant cash advance today.

Which industries need merchant cash advances?
The industries that typically need merchant cash solutions generally are those that are increasingly competitive and involve rapid expansion or improvements on a regular basis. This may include industries such as construction, retail, food service, salons, wholesalers, and a variety of other ultra-competitive markets that rely on constant improvements and upgrades to succeed.

Velocity Funding Group is a proud merchant cash advance provider for hundreds of competitive industries and verticals. You can view some of the industries we serve on our site, but note that these are far from the only industries that we are able to provide funding for! You will find out if you are eligible once you submit your application, or you can get in touch with one of our MCA brokers to see if your industry qualifies.

Apply Today for Merchant Cash Solutions

To receive the best merchant cash advance for your business, we encourage you to fill out our application form on our website or give our merchant cash advance brokers a call at (855) 781-3322 to see how we can be of assistance. If you meet the qualifications, you could get a merchant cash advance that could help your business almost instantly!